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My Story....

Could I be the one to help you? 

Alternative medicines and holistic therapies have always been part of who I am. My background is part Australian and part Polynesian, on my Mothers side my Grandmother in Samoa was a highly sort after Mid-wife, Herbalist and Healer who had the ability to channel spirit. From a young age I've  always had strong intuition and a sensitivity to reading energies and on occasion sensing spirit. Growing up my mother always encouraged holistic and natural therapies and eventually became a qualified Acupressure Massage Therapist herself.


I complete my first 2 semesters of University when I decided, at 18 years of age, to embarked on an adventure overseas to live in London and worked as a Nanny. My passion for working with mothers and children started here. It filled me with absolute joy to be able to love and care for children and to also bring a sense of relief and support to a busy mum. On my journey home from the UK, my spiritual awakening began in August 2008 on the beach of Croatia when a friend handed me the book "Many Lives, Many Masters" by Brian Weiss. This book resonated with my soul like nothing before.


Since that day I have immersed myself into the arena of philosophy, spiritualism and ancient wisdom, seeking truth and understanding about the universe, life, the human body and its capabilities to heal itself with the facilitation of holistic therapies. After my return home, I was experiencing signs of depression for 18 months before I decided to seek help. I attended a mainstream psychologist who diagnosed me with PTSD from traumatic events in my childhood that I'd never dealt with and sever depression from feeling isolated from my family during my travels, combined with a messy break up. I'd been attending a psychologist for months and refused to take anti-depressants. The sessions gave me some relief to talk, but didn't resolve my depression - I found it more upsetting revisiting areas of my past that had caused me pain.


After much deliberation and search for other options, I took the holistic route and never looked back. My recovery from my depression was instant after being picked from the crowd at Brian Weiss's 3 day workshop to discuss my issues I'd had with sleep paralysis - exercises following this conversation with Brian somehow released all trauma and depression and I walked out of that workshop a new person. Since then I maintain a strong, happy and healthy mental state with the use of holistic therapies. I am now trained in these therapies and love sharing them with the world.


Many years later in the early days of motherhood and running my own business, I depended on holistic therapies to maintain a healthy physical, emotional and mental wellness. I now combine my passion of holistic therapies with my love of supporting mothers. Holistic therapies changed my life for the better, and now all I want to do is raise the level of  consciousness for other women and mothers, assist them to gain clarity, self awareness and self love to ultimately feel the fulfillment that I feel now, something I once thought was impossible to get back to.

Regardless of what you do for a living, weather you're a full time mum, part time mum, if you're single, divorced or a mum hanging on to her sanity by the thread of her teeth - every mum manages to juggle though life. We have to! Juggling, worrying and sacrificing is highly necessary to function in today's society as we race against the clock right?! Wrong! We know this is totally untrue, but we do it unconsciously anyway because life doesn't wait for anyone. We've got mouths to feed, bills to pay, homes to run, societies expectations to live up to, our OWN expectations to live up to so on and so forth - is this resonating with you? The next best thing we mothers are great at, is putting every damn thing before our own happiness, health and well-being. (I bet if the first pain point didn't resonate, that one certainly did). So, what about it?....

Ever heard of the sayings "fill you're own cup first"? Of course you have, but to fill your own cup first requires time, time we just don't have. Why don't we make time for ourselves? Subconsciously this can reflect our self worth, or lack there of. Not to mention the stream of negative self talk and emotions that come with taking time out for ourselves. Then sometimes, we feel this inkling of guilt! Numerous tasks start pouring into our mind that need tending to. My self talk was always "this money could be better spent elsewhere". You then come to the conclusion it's just not worth it for what ever reason - you're fine to keep battling through life as each day turns into the next, until all of a sudden you're not! Every little thing starts to become overwhelming when before it wasn't and you just don't understand why you're not coping! You're experiencing what I call Chaotic Motherhood Syndrome - the vicious cycle of "No time to rejuvenate your energy and no energy to make the most of your time". Are you a mum who suffers from this - I know I have!


If this resonates with your very being, divine intervention has put me in your path to gently nudge you towards cultivating the best version of yourself. How? through your own self discovery and implementing modalities, tools and techniques to tame the flustered chaotic whirlwind within. 


Now before we get to calming the storm, I make it clear to all my clients - you must commit to take the very first step and choose to make the time. I'll show you the way, but ultimately it's you who needs to consciously do the work to make a lasting change, because if there's one thing I've learnt the hard way its this "If you always do what you've always done, you're going to get what you've always got" and BOOM! With a good attitude, from here we can create a new paradigm around your self worth to finally EMPOWER you to release negative belief systems, subconscious blockages and emotions that have been holding you back from your true potential. Your new found clarity will allow your true self to emerge to live a more fulfilling life so ultimately you are living with ease, joy and some f*ing inner peace.

With qualifications in a number of holistic modalities, I'll be able to tailor sessions to your individual needs may it be to work with your mental, physical, emotional, spiritual and or energetic bodies.


Lets get you started on your journey of clarity through self discovery, releasing the baggage that no longer serves you in a relaxing and trusting environment of non-judgement. You're here because it's time to give yourself permission to take action to be the best version of yourself that you can be. 

Get in touch for a free Clarity Session now!

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