7 Simple Steps to Feeling Blissed-Out

Start your day right by reclaiming your inner bliss in 7 simple steps so you can create unstoppable energy and show up more powerfully within yourself, your family and your business/career 


  • Kick start your day feeling rejuvenated, relaxed and clear minded

  • Restore vitality and well-being

  • Balance the mental, physical, emotional and spiritual state

  • Gain greater mental clarity, motivation and problem solving capacity

  • Significantly increase in joy and happiness

  • Improve manageability of depressive and anxious tendencies  

Here's What My Gorgeous Clients Say


Juanita is truly a spiritual and soulful women and these qualities transfer over in her touch. I recently has a beautiful therapeutic session with Juanita and felt immediately less stressed afterwards. I had mentioned to her prior to my treatment that I was feeling overwhelmed and that my head was muddled; I was able to completely let go during my treatment and just enjoy the experience. I felt so much clarity afterwards.

It's so important for mums to take time for themselves and as a mum herself, Juanita really understands the significance for mothers alike.


I had the most amazing session today with Juanita. The space was beautiful. Juanita began by burning sage and directing me into some mindful breathing, she affirmed to me this was a time to go deep within and receive; which I loved because I could fully be in the moment without feeling like I needed to chat. At the end of the session she incorporated Access Bars, I hadn't experienced this before and it bought on energetic release. It was a deeply relaxing and healing experience which I highly recommend.


I really enjoyed meeting Juanita. She's lovely and very polite! I feel much better after the session. I'll be back again!