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Feel free to book your session online
Not sure which therapy suits your needs, feel free to call me!


I look forward to walking along side you and supporting you on your journey of health, wellness and self discovery!

Namaste xo

Please Note:

- Juanita works exclusively with women.

-If you purchase the $147 Special for your first purchase (Casual Rate usually $220), you will unlock access to the $97 Special (Causal Rate usually $190) and $47 Special (Casual Rate usually $160) to book for your next 2 appointments. If you purchase the $97 Special first, you will unlock access to the $47 Special. Purchasing the $47 Special, your next appointment at full price.


-If you unlock more than one special because you first purchased the $147 or $97 Specials, you may pay for these at the end of your session for these particular appointments, pre-payment not required. Bookings must be made with Juanita after your session.

-Access to Rebooking Rates ($15 cheaper than Casual Rates) if you re-book your next appointment with Juanita directly after your session.


-Payment can be made online now if you prefer to pay by card (no efpos facility in person) or CASH ONLY IN PERSON


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