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Hawaiian Massage: Heartworks Lomi Lomi

Lomi Lomi is a holistic and sacred massage founded and created on the Polynesian Island of Hawaii. It enables the physical and energetic systems of the body to flush out, transform and revitalise themselves as the soft tissue is gently but firmly loosened, separated and loved.

The ancient Hawaiian tradition used prayer and cleansing with salt water in each treatment. Wrong thoughts were as crucial to correct as physical problems. Individual ties to any negative belief, person or place also corrected. A higher power and spiritual guidance always called upon as Lomi Lomi encompasses the Mind, Body and Spirit. (Hawaiian Lomi Lomi - Big Island Massage. Nancy. S. Kahalewai)

Each Lomi Lomi session is a whole body massage from head to foot, covering both front and back of the torso and limbs. Due to the nature of long body strokes, the client is asked to remove all items of clothing for an uninterrupted flow. At all times the client can feel safe and secure, covered with a tucked towel to ensure comfort and modesty.

Benefits of Lomi Lomi

  • Remove lactic acid build up

  • Break down calcium deposits

  • Assisting muscle development

  • Improve blood circulation

  • Releasing toxins

  • Relieving Muscle Spasms

  • Increases nutrient flow to muscles

  • Stimulates the lymphatic system

  • Assisting ligament and tendon healing after injury

  • Restoring vitality

  • Increases metabolic rate

  • Releases emotional build up

  • Reduces anxiety, fear, worry and negative thought patterns

  • Instils wellbeing in the body, mind and spirit

The 7 Principles of Huna Philosophy

  • Ike: The world is what you think it is -'I am aware'

  • Kala: There are no limits; we are all one - 'I am free'

  • Makia: Energy flows where attention goes - 'I am focused'

  • Manawa: Now is the moment of power - 'I am here now'

  • Aloha: To love is to be happy - 'I am happy'

  • Mana: All power comes from within - 'I am confident'
  • Pono: Effectiveness is the measure of truth - 'I am positive' 


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