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Holistic Wellness Coaching

 Coaching envelops the conscious mind and is key to stimulating the mental body.

Clients are guided through a process that enables them to develop the skills and knowledge needed to create change in and of their own mind and body to achieve their personal goals. The real and lasting change comes from the client gaining clarity and self awareness of limiting belief systems stemmed from negative experiences. There is no diagnosis, focus or advise  given on these traumatic events as this is the role of a therapist, psychologist or councillor. The client simply needs to acknowledge where the limiting belief came from. To move forward, tools and techniques are implemented to remove and dissolve the by-products of these beliefs. Generally these appear as sabotaging thought patterns, perceived fears and negative habits that may or may not be known to the client. 

Specifically working with Mothers, the above process enables a deeper level of fulfilment and personal satisfaction within themselves. This allows the best version of themselves to shine through and filter down into living a well balanced more positive lifestyle to recover from burnout or a stressful lifestyle.


Ultimately every mother wants to create a positive environment  for their children to grow up in. What better way than by setting the example yourself of how life should look and feel as a happy positive adult.

There are two Holistic Coaching Programs that I offer, one completely online, the other partially online and partially in person more information below.


Reasons to seek a life coach

  • To gain clarity on what you want

  • Lack of knowledge or know- how to get started

  • You struggle to maintain consistency and need accountability and encouragement 

  • You don't know how to create change on your own

  • You're in need of an outside perspective

Benefits of having a life coach

  • You obtain greater levels of self awareness

  • You're exposed to greater goal setting techniques

  • You're able to improve balance in your life

  • Improve levels of self discovery

  • Gain knowledge to improve your quality of life

The coaches responsibilities to the client

  • To respect, encourage and support my clients without judgement

  • To provide a structured coaching experience

  • To teach effective tools and techniques for change

The clients responsibilities to the coach

  • To be open and honest and ready for change

  • To communicate your needs and wants

  • To willingly take responsibility and action upon decisions agreed to within the coaching relationship

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