Juanita has taken every effort to provide useful and helpful information on the website, social media and during private sessions of both coaching and bodywork treatments and sincerely hopes only value has been added to each client’s life. 


By moving forward with your appointment you are indicting you have read, understood and accept terms and conditions of service.

1.        Information from Website, Social Media and Advertisement
Information provided on www.juanitasbester.com.au, Facebook or Instagram and advertisement is for the purpose of providing information and should not be used as substitute for medical advice, diagnosis or medical treatment.

2.        Bookings and Payment

2.1   You are willing to disclose medical and personal information to Juanita to ensure awareness around any medical or personal conditions you may have prior to your appointment.
2.2   By booking your session you are accepting you have read and agree to all terms and conditions.

2.2   Single Body Treatment
Sessions cost $115 per session, are 60 minutes long. 

Payment can be made via the PayPal link via the online scheduler or via the invoice  itself and will confirm your booking. Full payment must be made at the end of the session exact amount of cash.

2.3   Mind Body Soul Alignment Package
a)By purchasing the MBS Alignment Package you receive over $400 in added value:

  • 75 minute sessions x3 (Added Value of $216)

  • Access to Mind-Body Connection Tools(Valued at $110)

  • Customised Essential Oil Blend (Valued at $30)

  • Children sessions $45 for 45min (Valued at $90)

b)You agree if you wish to cease your sessions before your last session is complete the total amount of $297 is still due.
c)Should Juanita decide for any reason the sessions need to cease, if payment has already been made the sessions owed to you will be refunded and services will cease immediately, no notice or reason need be given.
d)Your sessions will be pre-booked, for any changes 24 hours notice must be given.
e)Should you need to pause the program due to holiday, emergency or illness etc rescheduling will be offered however may not be at the same time and depends on availability.

f)If Juanita is ill or unable to do a session with you for what ever reason, you will be notified ASAP and an appropriate time will be rescheduled upon both parties agreement of a suitable time

g)Sessions are transferable and must be used within 6 months of your purchase date

2.3.1 If paying via Pay Right Payment Plan you agree you are purchasing x2 packages of 297 all information you have given is true and to make these payments on time and all charges required if payment is delayed.

2.3.2 Full payment upfront is able to be made, please notify Juanita if you wish to do so.

2.3.3. Purchasing via partial payment $297 is due 48 hours before your first session to secure all 6 session  times and dates. Your second payment of $297 will be deducted automatically one month later from your means of payment. All sessions will cease should payment not be made and the total amount owing will be due.


2.2   First Time Client Special of $47 

By booking this session you are agreeing you are a first time client with Juanita as this offer is for first time clients only. Should you book this session in the online schedule and you are a returning client your session time will only be 60 minutes long and a total of $115 will be due.


For all promotions, full payment upfront via the website or online via invoice is preferred. If paying in cash, please bring exact amount as change is not kept on the premises.


Payment of $47 is refundable if the first time client decides at the end of the session before leaving they were not satisfied with the treatment. Notice of unsatisfied service is accepted at the end of the session in person only, only then will the client be refunded – no later notification via email, phone call, text message etc. will be considered for refund.

3.        Appointment Availability

Bookings are available by appointment only and are scheduled at a date and time available on the online booking schedule

4.        Late Arrivals

Due to practitioners other commitments and other client time slots, any client who is late accepts their time may be shortened in length and understand full cost is still to be paid.

5.        Cancellation

5.1   Clients booked into a Body Treatment who should miss or cancel an appointment the deposit may go towards their following rescheduled appointment.


6.        Coaching Program and Energy Treatments

Holistic Wellness Coaches and Mind-Body Practitioners do not diagnose conditions, nor do they prescribe medications, perform medical treatments or interfere with the treatment of a medical professional. We are not healthcare professionals and therefore any body treatment or coaching session received are not to be construed as a substitute for medical examination, diagnosis or treatment. Only a licensed medical practitioner is deemed qualified to give such treatment or medical recommendation.

6.1   Coaching Program Payment
         The client agree's to notify the coach in writing how they wish to pay for the program.

6.1.1 If paying in full the client agrees to pay the full amount of $3497.00 with a 14 day cooling off period

6.1.2 If the client has opted for the monthly instalment option the client will pay $1165.66 in monthly increments via the automatic PayPal service, where by the amount is deducted automatically and has a 14 day cooling off period.

6.1.3 If the client opts for the payment plan of 12 or 18 months with the third party company Pay Right, the client will pay $349.70 as a deposit and optional instalments (weekly or fortnightly payments) to Pay Rite with a 14 day cooling off period.


6.2. Late Payment 

If payment for the automatic PayPal is late, all sessions will cease and the members area will be locked until payment is made. Missed sessions lost will not be remunerated.

6.3 Cooling Off Period and Refund Policy

Full Payment: Should the client wish to cease service before the end 14th day of the cooling off period $3000 is refundable with $497 non-refundable for services rendered.

PayPal Option: Should the client wish to cease before the 14th day of the cooling off period $668.66 will be refunded

Pay Right Option: Should the client wish to cease service, the $349.70 will be non refundable and and additional $148 will be charged for services rendered during the 14 days. The payment plan will then be cancelled and no further payments required. 

6.3.1 There is NO refunds except for conditions in clause 6.3

6.4. The Services
6.4.1 The services to be provided by the coach as part of the program shall include: coaching, mentoring and support services which are designed to support the client in achieving growth within yourself and your wellness.

6.4.2 In delivering the services, the Coach agrees to deliver them with reasonable care and skill.

6.4.3 The Coach will deliver the coaching services by way of sessions lasting 60 minutes. The session will take place via face to face meeting on Skype or Zoom over online meetings.

6.4.4 The Coach and Client will confirm a time and date for each weekly session. The Client understands and accepts that it is the Clients responsibility to attend the coaching session on time. Lateness will result in the session being cut short to end at original time intended of the hour.
6.4.5 In the event the Coach is unable to attend the scheduled session the Coach will make the reasonable attempts to provide the Client with as much notice as possible and will ensure the session is rescheduled to a mutually convenient time.
6.5.5 The Client understand if they need to reschedule their session, minimum 48 hours must be given and the rescheduled session must be within that week between Monday and Friday otherwise the session will be forfeited.

6.5.6 The Client understands the online long distant Energy sessions are open as a group session with other participating clients of the Coach and understands if they do not attend Reiki sessions, they will still receive their energy healing but to please notify their location at the time of the session for energy to be sent swiftly and directly to them. Access bars sessions must be attended for the Access Bars to be effective and if unattended forfeit this session.   

 7. Client Role
By booking and receiving holistic therapy (Hawaiian Massage, Holistic Coaching, Access Bars, recommended Essential Oils, Aromatouch Massage or Reiki) clients agree to accept full responsibility that they solely are in charge of their own life journey, life choices and transformation and agree to take full responsibility for their own health and wellbeing and for the decisions that lead to necessary shifts in attitudes and lifestyle.


Clients understand and agree in order for healing to take place, several treatment sessions are often necessary to support the healing process. While it is possible that one particular holistic therapy treatment can make a difference for your health, most long term imbalances were not created overnight and sometimes require multiple holistic therapy session in order to fully facilitate the healing process. Clients recognise that this process will take time and commitment.

With any feedback and suggestions that is offered or recommended, clients are fully responsible for any decisions made thereafter, and agree that anything offered by the practitioner doesn’t come with any guarantee for the desired outcome to take place. The practitioner is not liable for the results of decisions, actions, life choices that may not be observed after a holistic session.

8 Termination

This agreement may be terminated by either party providing written notice by the terms of this agreement:

a) Either party commits a material breach and in the event of the breach being capable of remedy, the party of breach fails to remedy the breach within 14 days of being notified by the other Party; or

b)Either party commits a material breach which is incapable of being remedied.

The Coach will be entitled to limit the Services or suspend and or terminate the agreement without refund of any fee, whether paid or remaining due and payable if the Coach reasonably determines that the Client:

a) is becoming disengaged, disruptive or if the client impairs the participation or progress of the Program and/or provisions of the Service by displaying lack of interest, missing sessions, failing to participate positively, repeatedly failing to respond or ignoring  communication with the Coach and communicating in an abusive or offensive manner

b) is failing to follow or abide by the terms of this agreement as this such action constitutes as material breach or not.

All access to the services of the Coach and the Coach them selves will be denied.

7.        Holistic Treatments (Hawaiian Massage, Wellness Coaching, Access Bars, recommended Essential Oils, Aromatouch Massage or Reiki)

Holistic treatments always serve the highest good of all concern. Based on this principle a desired outcome may or may not result from your holistic session as the affects of holistic therapies is unique for every recipient, the information and testimonials presented on the website, on social media and in advertisement is simply a compilation of different client’s personal and unique experience and does not represent all holistic therapy sessions.

9.        Liability

By using this service you automatically agree to hold Juanita Isbester harmless for any intended or unintended result of holistic therapy treatments given and agree that will not be liable for any compensation should any damages or injury result from using our services which extends to the use of any of the website, hyperlinks, social media, other resources from other recommended website outside of juanitaisbester.com.au and advertisement shared.

The Coach has made every effort to accurately represent the Program and the Services. Any testimonials and or examples of results experience are not intended to represent or guarantee that anyone will achieve the same or similar result. Each individuals success depends on many factors, including his or her background, dedication, desire and motivation. 

In the event damages are incurred by the Client as a result of the Coach's default or violation of the terms in this agreement, the Coach's entire liability under this agreement is limited to the amount paid by the Client to the Coach as at the time the loss is sustained.

During the term of this Agreement and at any time there after, the Client agrees to take no action which is intended to or would reasonably be expected, to harm the Coach or their reputation or which would reasonably be expected to lead to unwanted or unfavourable publicity to the Coach.

In the event a dispute arises, in connection with this agreement and the provision of the Service which is incapable of being resolved by mutual consent, then the parties agree to submit the matter for mediation by an independent mediator. In the event a resolution still is not possible following mediation then legal action shall be commenced.

The parties agree that they have adequate insurance cover to met any liabilities that may arise in connection with this Agreement.

The Coach will not be liable to the client for any indirect, consequential or special damages of the Clients own person on every level of their being.