Offering a unique approach, the following combination of Complimentary Natural Therapies and Wellness Coaching forms a truly holistic experience for transformation. These therapies cater to the different body systems that embody our existence as a whole from a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual perspective.

Each therapy has a specific body that it works with while also infiltrating and permeating through to the other bodies as all physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies are connected.

What Types of Natural Therapies Are Used?

Holistic Wellness Coaching

Gain clarity and direction to reach your fullest potential

Essential Oils

Reduce your toxic load and reap the emotional and physical benefits of Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade oils


Balance your chakra's through Japanese energy healing

Access Bars

Clear blockages and negative triggers from your subconscious 

AromaTouch technique

Experience the relaxing and soothing clinical application of Essential Oils

Hawaiian Massage

 Heartworks Lomi Lomi is highly spiritual, rhythmic and rejuvenating for the physical and emotional body

How Can I Experience These Natural Therapies?

There are a number of ways to experience the above services as Body Treatments sessions or as Coaching Programs

Rejuvenate, relax and heal with some well deserved "me time".

Choose a Single  Body Treatment or the Mind Body Soul Alignment Package 

Coaching Programs

Body Treatments

Significantly increase mental clarity, motivation and problem solving capacity while restoring vitality and wellbeing